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 We are committed to the health and well-being of community members. Mental Health Counselor and Director of Overlooked Creations Wellness Counseling program, Courtney Saunders M.A, M.S., has brought tremendous services to the organization including mental health and wellness support designed to assist individuals to maximize their quality of life and longevity. In these unprecedented times, consultations are free of charge and will expand with organizing efforts. 

Our Wellness Counseling service provides individuals the tools to develop and maintain good vibrant health practices including strength, endurance, energy, motivation, positive life outlook, happiness, satisfaction, healthy relationships, and maximum performance. It encourages a good health practices like exercise, fitness, nutrition, smoking cessation, sleep and rest, journal writing, and spirituality. The primary goal of wellness counseling is the prevention and management of diseases and the introduction of positive lifestyles changes that bring about a healthier, more fulfilling life experience.  

Free Wellness Consultations

If you are feeling anxious, nervous, or depressed, it helps to talk. Book your appointment now to have a 15 minute consultation with Courtney Saunders, M.A, M.S, Mental Health Counselor 

"Looking Out for You"

The informative "Looking Out For You" Blog is written by Courtney Saunders, M.A, M.S., Mental Health Counselor and Director of Overlooked Creations Wellness Counseling Program

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