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Serenity Creations provides service and programs,and resources  that promote self-sufficiency . Areas covered education, employment , health, mental health , housing and business start-ups. Program in near future : Reading through phonics and adult education resources.  

Serenity Creations is always looking for authors or future authors that have a story to tell and want  to heal from past hurt .Tell your story ! Take back your POWER !

Providing a family with resources that get them out of a motel room, into a place that they can call home ; really puts a smile on my heart. Helping a father work on his business plan, so that he can take care of his family is where community building  starts . Resources are out here in the community use them !

Community Resources

Do you need clothes for an interview ? Do you need help writing a business plan ? Do you have questions about starting a Non-Profit organization . Please email  and needs and questions. 

Fundraisers Opportunities

Looking for comedian to host event ? 

Booking available 

T-shirts available March 2018 

Snow Cones available starting March 2018 

Talent Showcase

Serenity Creations is a program under the umbrella of Overlooked Creations Inc. which is a 501(c)3 NPO 

Serenity Creations will host talent showcases in 2018 so please email if interested